About Us


The Company

Pass Africa Limited was established in 1997 as an independent Water Wells Drilling Contractors and Community Development projects Services and Consultancy firm specializing in all aspects of Works of Water drilling and services and in Community Development projects. The company portfolio includes hydro-geological and community studies, water resources assessments, rural water supply development and borehole drilling and servicing. The company also undertakes consultancy jobs in community development (Project Design, Assessments, Water Surveys, Monitoring and Evaluation).

The staff in the company has varied working experiences in Eastern Africa region where they have acquired various experiences in general Water construction works, mechanical works and community development.

The company is currently part of a consortium of organization that share synergies and pool resources to undertake various jobs. These include Water Drilling Companies, General water Contractors and community Consultancy projects in eastern Africa.

Company Objective

The objective of the company is to provide high quality water and community Development in water consultancy services for various individuals, organizations and communities. This is achieved by the company engaging highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who have teamed up after a long period of association with different companies and associations in the industry.

The company’s objective is to work with organization and communities in the provision of general water construction services for various infrastructures, design, implement various programs, and provide trainings as necessary.


 The following are some of the works that the company gets engaged in:

  • Undertake general water works. Including exploration of boreholes.
  • Drilling and designs for various works of Boreholes, shallow wells and its construction.
  • Supervision for various works of pump installation, maintenance, construction, including solar pumps, wind vane pumps, electrical pumps among others.
  • Construction of Sand dams, water springs, dykes and general drilling works.
  • Supply and install overhead tanks in case of water supply to institutions, as per sanitation to the community.
  • Community project consultancy and projects (this in conjunction with consortium partners).
  • Community sanitation training programs.
  • Gravitating and pipeline works
  • Construction of elevated tanks or as per client requirements.