Geothermal Drilling

Geothermal Exploration

We are one of the most notable organizations in Kenya, engaged in providing our clients with Geothermal Exploration Services. Our exploration services helps in discovering substitute and sustainable source of energy.  Our team is comprised of geothermal project experts and we use latest tools with best safety and perfection measures.

  • Proficient resource examination and exploration program plan
  • Exploration program implementation
  • Incorporated administration for exploratory drilling campaigns
  • Site-work for data compilation and quality control
  • Investigation and management of exploration outcomes
  • Resource stacking and prioritization

Geology map and interpret the site 

  • Geographical mapping and structural analysis
  • Sludge logging facility and well site geology
  • Integrated investigation of subsurface situation and improvement of 3D geographical models

Geochemistry relate an essentially important tool

  • Liquid and gas variety and chemical geo-thermometry
  • Geochemical integration models and examination of liquid flow blueprints
  • Ecological and functioning issues (gases, scaling and oxidization)

Geophysics intensify your understanding

  • Prospective field techniques (magneto-telluric resistivity, gravity and magnetic assessments) for enhanced know-how of structural controls on liquefied flow
  • Seismic indication surveys and inert seismic monitoring
  • Temperature gradient drilling for undeviating measurement of the temperature area

Geothermal Exploration Services

Our exploration team presents the complete range of services inside geothermal exploration and growth. Our group can control the complete geothermal exploration attempt, from initial investigation phase to resource organization of the extended geothermal field, or distinct parts of the procedure as the Client wishes. Examples of services and techniques:

  • Reconsider and understanding of available data, data mining and desktop learning
  • Ecological mapping, e.g. structure, stratigraphy and thermal demonstrations
  • Geophysical examination such as resistivity, gravity, seismic and geodetic measurements
  • Geochemical sample and testing, geo-thermometry, evaluation of oxidization and scaling
  • GIS facility and cartography
  • Geothermal catalogues and data administration
  • Conceptual modelling
  • Well sitting and healthy design
  • Well site geology and drilling regulation
  • Well coring program and logging
  • Well testing and stimulus program
  • Geothermal resource assessment for feasibility analysis
  • Geothermal reservoir evaluation and categorization according to Geothermal Reporting Code
  • Geothermal pool modelling with statistical, lumped, dispersed and multiphase
  • Geothermal reservoir supervision
  • Surface runoff and groundwater modelling
  • Ecological modelling
  • Underground cold and warm storage
  • Aid with financial support applications and licensing practices
  • Software growth
  • Teaching and training