Community Development

We have implemented over 500 community wells over a span of 25 years. Our deep experience in community development makes us perfectly equipped to design, plan and execute numerous types of community-focused water projects.  

What We Do

1. Community Sensitization

Our community development process begins with familiarizing ourselves with the community’s needs and problems. This enables us to form a project implementation plan that would best serve the community’s needs. 

2. Community & Government Buy-in

The next phase consists of involving the community leaders, regional government and community members in the project implementation process to encourage ownership of the well. Ownership ensures the sustainability of the water project post-completion.

3. Community Training

The final step of the process consists of training the community members on the following items:

  1. Pump operation an maintenance
  2. Water quality maintenance
  3. Effective use of water in sanitation
  4. Efficient use of water in agriculture and animal herding