Water ATM – Innovation

Remote monitoring of rural water distribution system


Main Features of the Project

  • Water distribution through RFID card scanning to ensure right beneficiaries
  • Remote Project Monitoring through GPRS based communication system
  • High Efficiency Solar Powered Pump to provide water all day.
  • Latest technology of Water treatment to ensure quality water with least maintenance.
  • Use of best hydro-geological survey practice to ensure availability of water.
  • Best drilling practices to develop a shallow well enough for small community

Project Implementation

  • The technical team of Pass Africa Limited will implement the project.
  • This team will survey and identify the needy villages and communities across Kenya.
  • We have designed a long lasting solution for clean water which will be implemented
  • Local representative will be trained to operate the system.
  • The team will Quarterly visit the location to ensure proper working.


  • Detailed and exhaustive training will be provided to the community for running the program.
  • The community leaders will be looped in for local directions and fair utilization.
  • Project team will visit the site frequently for close technical and administrative monitoring.

RFID Based Water ATM

  • The Water ATM works with RFID Cards, which when swapped provides water to the beneficiary and deducts amount from the balance
  • The RFID card shall be recharged by pre-paying money to the Operator

Remote Monitoring & Control

RFID Online Monitoring Screen

The Water ATM sends data for all transactions to our server which helps to control & monitor remotely and perform analysis.